Refiner of Gold Creations

Feathered Friends

Meet some of the exotic friends that I have cared for from time to time.

The Peacock

Here he is with his tail all fanned out in display
(the hen was ignoring him).

A real bird of paradise???

Note: Avon Products produced a women's cologne decanter in the 1960s of a peacock in a similar position and called it "Bird of Paradise"

The Red-Gold Pheasants

The young male. This guy wants to see who's behind the camera.
His mate is hiding behind the cedar branches
in the upper right hand corner.

The Bob-White Quail

These guys are real flighty and don't like humans to be too close.

The Doves

The ring-necked doves . . . and their tangerine neighbors.
The white doves were too shy to have their picture published.

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