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Handmade Glass Marbles

Opaque Brown and Green Glass Marbles

These are mainly composed of chocolate brown, nearly opaque glass with white swirls and bands. Unlike the normal spirals, the white bands is this type often run horizontal to the cut end and usually only one end is marked as having been twisted off.

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Comic Strip Marbles

The Peltier Glass factory in Ottawa, Illinois, produced a series of marbles with the faces of comic strip characters in 1926. Characters which appeared in these marbles included Bimbo, Little Orphan Annie, Sandy, Moon Mullins, Kayo, Emma, Skeezix, Betty, Herbie, Smitty, and Andy Gump. These marbles were only produced for a short period of time, making them quite collectible due to their rarity

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Bullet Mold Glass Marbles

These are of clear glass, either light green or without color. Unlike the modern puries, these marbles contain mold marks on the surface. They may have one (or two nearly consecutive) long groove with three very short grooves piled at one end of the longer line. Or they might have a long groove with curved shorter grooves above and below it. These marbles were probably made by forcing molten glass into a bullet mold, the clear or greenish colors occurring naturally from two different types of glass that were used. This would also indicate that they are homemade. This type of marble was generally made in the South where bullet molds were common and factory marbles were not.

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