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Handmade Glass Marbles

Onionskin or Solid Colored Marbles

Onionskins are solid color spiral marbles without individual ribbons or threads. Onionskin marbles were made from about 1850 to 1920 in the same factories as the candy stripe marbles. The German craftsmen referred to them as speckled marbles, and although they have a spotty appearance, many have had the spots of colored glass pulled and twisted into swirled lines. The clear glass rods was rolled over colored crumbs or specks of glass until completely covered, then reheated until all of the spots of color melted and fused together. A layer of clear glass was added, and marble was pulled to the desired diameter and cut in the same manner as the candy stripes.

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Individually Made Marbles

Resembling onionskins, except being twisted or cut off at one end, individually made marbles are often referred to as End of Day or Ohio Glass Marbles. A different manufacturing process was used whereby a small amount of glass on a pontil was rolled over a base color or colors (usually white or yellow), then rolled again over small pieces of colored glass which adhered to the hot surface. An outer layer of clear glasswas added, then the pontil was then pulled or cut off, and its point of attachment ground down slightly.

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