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Contemporary Handmade Marbles

Glassmaker Geoffrey Beetem from Athens, Ohio, designs stardust marbles to resemble the particles of a meteor shower, based on his personal observation experience. You may find his marbles at, as well as marbles created by Jody Fine. Fine makes a wide variety of swirl, latticino, and ribbon marbles, including "Shark's eggs," a swirl marble with a tri-colored ribbon core and blue latticino outer decoration.

Ro Purser intricrately handcrafts his marbles with murrhine, which is used often in paperweights, on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Cylinders of heated colored glass is stretched to pencil- thin, cooled, then encased in glass or used for surface patterns. Each cylinder has unique designs representing flowers, animals, and other patterns. A huge collection of murrhine paperweights, known as millefiori, is kept on display at The House on the Rock in Wisconsin. Millefiori is French for thousand flowers.

From Seal Beach, California, Rolf and Genie Wald produce popular contemporary handmade marbles known as Seal beach ball marbles. Aquariums produced by David P. Salazar from Santa Cruz, California, are this artists most popular marble. All of the glass marbles pictured on this page are contemporary handmade marbles. Marbles made by Ro Purser and Wald Marbles are available at The Running Rabbit. Happy marble collecting.

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