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Circle Marbles Games

From the The Great American Marble Book on circle games:


This is probably the most universal of circle games. It is also called Dubs or 25-A-Dub or 100-A-Dub. Each player contributes a given number of marbles to the "pot," which is a large ring drawn on the ground. These are arranged in cross-fashion or in the form of a circle. The player who bowls closest to the ring goes first.

The object is to know marbles out of the ring while keeping one's own shooter inside. If the shooter goes outside the next player plays. The first player to obtain enough marbles necessary for a majority (13 in a 25-A-Dub, 51 in 100-A-Dub) wins and is entitled to take all the rest of the marbles in the ring. A big game for big stakes, and always played "for keeps."

* * *

Pot II

This is an adaptation of Potsies, and not nearly as involved. A circular "pot: is drawn in the dirt, and stake marbles are placed in it. Another ring is drawn around it and this becomes the shooting border. Players, using scaboulders or steelies, simply blast out the target marbles and keep blasting until they miss, keeping all the marbles they win. This was a Bronx game, and because it was usually played on concrete, and not dirt, it made for fast rolls and fast games.

* * *


A circle about five feet in diameter is drawn in the dirt, creating a "pot." Players put in a designated number of marbles in the pot, choose by finger who goes first, then mark off a shooting area either by spanning with the hand a distance from the circle or, more commonly, by measuring two or three shoe lengths away.

In this game the object is to keep your shooter inside the circle and shoot the target marbles out. If a target marble is hit and comes within six inches of the perimeter, the shooter is given another try. Shooting in this game is "knuckles down."

* * *

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