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Clay and Crockery Marbles

Unglazed, Unfired Porcelain

These marbles are exactly the same as china marbles, except they were never fired to harden any glaze. They are of the same consistency as the clay marbles, but are distinguished by their white color and decorations painted on them. Unglazed china designs consisting of finely painted lines or patterns, including parallel bands or rings of different colors encircling the marble, two groups of parallel bands which cross each other forming diamond-shaped areas (often of different colors), circles or bull's-eye patterns often several placed next to one another, and a pattern of three leaves or a band of leaves encircling the center of the marble. All of these patterns may also be combined with each other. A marble may have two rings drawn at one end and a spray of three leaves at the other. Unfired porcelain marbles range from over 1 1/2" in diameter to around 7/16" in diameter. Some of these marbles were plain white without decoration, others may have turned gray with use.

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