Scale-Model Harness for Breyer and similar make models approximately 6" in height.

Traditional Size Light Harness

Item# Chariot Harness Price
700 Chariot Harness, Single TBA
701 Chariot Harness, Double TBA
702 Chariot Harness, Troika TBA
703 Chariot Harness, Unicorn Hitch TBA
704 Chariot Harness, 4-Abreast TBA
Item# Circus Ring Harness Price
740 Performing Circus, Single TBA
741 Performing Circus, Double TBA
742 Performing Circus, Trio TBA
743 Performing Circus, Set of Four TBA
Item# Light/Warmblood Harness Price
750 Buggy Harness--Breast Pull, Single TBA
751 Buggy Harness--Breast Pull, Double TBA
752 Buggy Harness--Collar Pull, Single TBA
753 Buggy Harness--Collar Pull, Double TBA
760 Surrey Harness, Single TBA
765 Show Fine Harness, Single TBA
Item# Racing Harness Price
770 Racing Harness, Single TBA
Item# Warmblood Light Draft Harness Price
780 Light Wagon Harness, Double TBA
781 Light Wagon Harness, 4-Up TBA
790 Stage Coach Harness, Double TBA
791 Stage Coach Harness, 4-Up TBA
792 Stage Coach Harness, 6-Up TBA