Animal Breed Articles

Welcome to Refiner's N.W.B.H.C. animal breed articles. Articles include breeds of animals produced by the Breyer division of Reeves International, Peter Stone Horses, Hagen Renaker, Hartland, and other scale-model animals figures ranging from 1/64 through 1:9 scale. It was also decided that since the companions would be covered, why not include the other Breyer animals and farm livestock. You will soon be able to look up Caninealities, Felinealities, Bovinealities, Avialities, and Zoologicalities.

Equinealities is our coined term for "Equine Personalities" and these are represented in the breed, color and morphological type characteristics of horses, donkeys, mules, zebras and other equine family members. Also included here are articles on mythological equines, lore and legends, and tidbits of equinological interest. The term Equinealities was coined by club members in a column title contest to cover all articles in this category.

Some articles are submitted by club members and, if handwritten, they are typed into electronic form and printed as is. Articles submitted from other media are used as resources. Publication of previously published material is unintentional.

Caninealities, Felinealities, Bovinealities, Avialities, & Zoologicalities

Articles in each section are intended to cover the breeds in the wildlife and companion animals represented in production by Breyer, Hagen-Renaker, Hartland and other model figurine companies. Other livestock or species may be represented as the webmaster here is moved to include or write new breed articles.

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