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Books on Beading

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    Brick Stitch or Peyote Stitch

    • Another Beaded Obsession, Suzanne Cooper
    • The Art of Beadweaving ~ Advanced Amulet Pouches, Design, Embellishment, and More, Jacqué (peyote)
    • The Art & Elegance of Beadweaving ~ New Jewelry Designs with Classic Stitches, Carol Wilcox Wells (peyote, beaded beads)
    • Back to Beadin': Elegant Amulet Purses & Jewelry Using Delica & Seed Beads, Barbara Elbe
    • Beaded Adornment, Jeannett Shanigan
    • Beaded Designs I, Sigfrid Wynne-Evans
    • Beaded Designs II, Sigfrid Wynne-Evans
    • Beaded Designs III, Sigfrid Wynne-Evans
    • Beaded Favors, Jennie Might (peyote)
    • Beaded Images, Barbara Elbe (brick stitch)
    • Beaded Images II, Barbara Elbe (brick stitch)
    • Beaded Necklaces, Jenny Night
    • Beaded Treasure Purse, Deon Delange (peyote)
    • Delighful Beaded Earring Designs, Jan Radford
    • Dimensions, Suzanne Cooper (peyote)
    • An Earful of Designs, Sigfrid Wynne-Evans
    • Far Away Places~ 40 Necklace, Mini-Tapestry and Earring Patterns, Suzanne Cooper (peyote)
    • The Magical Amulet Bag, Sigfrid Wynne-Evans (peyote)
    • The Magical Amulet Bag Vol 2, Sigfrid Wynne-Evans (peyote)
    • Picture Beaded Earrings for Beginners, Starr Jleil
    • Techniques of Beaded Earrings, Deon Lalange
    • More Techniques of Beaded Earrings, Deon Lalange
    • Uniquely Yours~ Beaded Amulet Purse Necklaces, Suzanne Cooper (peyote)